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 TeleMental Health

TeleMental Health has been supported by research in effective treatment of mood disorders, relationship problems, grief and trauma, thought distortions, family relationships, and more.  Next Step Counseling, LLC offers outpatient mental health counseling that is designed to improve mental, emotional, behavioral, and relational health.  Treatment is provided for mental health disorders as well as personal wellness.  Only Georgia residents may participate in TeleMental counseling with a practitioner licensed by the state of Georgia.     Call your Insurance Customer Service # on the back of your insurance card to find out if TeleMental Health Services are covered.  


Once you have been approved for TeleMental Health services you will be provided a link via email to the virtual waiting room.  You will have to download the Telehealth by Simple Practice app, if you are using a mobile device.  Use the “Test Computer” button on the waiting room to pre-test your computer or smart device set up. 


Please complete the TeleHealth forms sent to you through your client portal.

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